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Clear this stuff up:)

Hello all.......I know I have a horrible reputation around here and I dont want people to hate me cause I like you all very much, and it is my fault completely. I made some horrible decisions in the herp world and some I greatly regret. But after thinking about it all I realized my mistakes and I will never do it again. I confess to impulse buying.....but know I realize that is the single WORST thing any herper can do and I stress not to too everyone I know. I was in the pet store the other day and simply fell in love with a crcoodile gecko. I sat and thought for awhile and realized i know SQUAT about this animal and not only would be problems for me........but I would be disrespecting this animal if i made the purchase and it would be totally unfair to him. I realize I own a burm and have to go through college. Well I am never giving him up and while I'm in college I arranged for a friend of mine who owns many burmese, retics, and boas to hold him he was excited to accept(he loves Zeus). I also understand that once you purchase an animal you take FULL responsibilty thanks to many on here.

I think that about covers it. I hope people will appreciate this thread

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