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Thumbs up Biggest Announcement YET!!!

Today, Sept 01/03 i am please to announce the launch and sneak preview of a new animal based website created by Jeff ********, and myself.

I would like to give the opportunity to explain the creation of another site, and share in the great joy Jeff and i have on this occasion.

Over a year ago, Jeff and i had beaten our brains over creating a website. We wanted a forum based site that was different from anything else we had seen. Our first thought was an aquatic site for Aquarium keepers and enthusiasts alike. However, while trying to do some research on various snakes, Jeff came to the conclusion that there was not only alot of unfriendly websites dedicated to herps...but no where could he find one that was totally free. It seems that the corporate wheel was what funded and spun these site into what they were. The big business machine was the feeling that these site portrayed and it was all to apparent that they were strickly businesses, and not there for the love of the animals.

Out of great distaste, Jeff grew angry over the thought of feeling like a number. So he turned his energy around, poured himself into creating a family oriented website for all herpers to join, and was born. In the meantime, the thought of another site was thrown on the back burner as sSnakeSs soon grew to amazing lenghts to end up becoming what it is today. One of the largest most successful, fastest growing Herp sites in history. In only 18 months, have managed to achieve over three thousand members. A feat almost unheard of for any site, let alone a herp one.

It was about six months ago when Jeff and i started kicking around the thought of finishing the other site. We played with ideas as to what it should look like, feel like, and how it was to be run. We argued over names and colours, and finally came up with what i will now share with you today. This is the first set up of our new site. The site is not near completion, and as always, we will continue to bring a more smoothed out forum set up. I know there will be questions as to why this site, why not another one? Well ill try to explain abit.

Why this site? Well...we see a void in the net forums for this type of site, that we believe we can fill

What will happen to Nothing, business as usual, we would never dream about an interuption for this site, its still Jeff's baby

Why another site period? Simple, the way i see it, we have a unique way of creation and set up for forum based websites. We listen to our members, and have the ability to do what no other site has yet to do....create a family based forum. Our long term goals are not to stop at this site. I would like to see more sites in the future. I would like to do away with nasty pay for animal based sites, and show the world that a site based on the pure love of the hobby can succeed. That ppl don't have to pay to join. That you can let ppl post pics for free!

Now, this site will not be for everyone, but for all members...i would hope that you take a second and visit. Like i said before, Jeff and I still have alot of clean up to do. Especially in the forums deptment. But we will get there as soon as possible. For those of you that can make it to the Totally pets show at the end of the month, stop by and see the new booth for our official launching. In the meantime, feel register and post etc. Not everything is 100% running, but it will be in a week or two.

Now that i have bored you all to tears with my long windedness...its my great please to introduce you to!
Thanks for reading, Shane & Jeff
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