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My Dad Wont Let me Get a Ball Python

hey guys

i got a problem, how do you try to convince a father to let you get a python? it is getting silly now...

reptiles have been a part of my life for a long time now, and now i have no more i have been looking for something to keep...

i have researched LOADS and have come to the conclusion that a ball python would be the best idea at the moment, so i already had my various vivariums, and its all setup temperatures are all perfect and its fine.... now my dad says he doesnt think i should get one (my dad is BIG, not many people like to mess with him...), so being a good kid i decided to argue... not a good idea, i have made some progress, he is starting to warm up to the idea t a certain degree, but he still says no...

my mom and brother are supportive, my brother moreso, i was thinking that i could just go out and get one without any of them knowing, but then decided against it as it is his house, and it just wouldnt work....

anyone here ever been in this situation before?

help me because i am going insane without a reptile!!!!! (all that research is going to waste here!!!)

do you know the feeling?
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