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Hahaha NO I didn't know that! LOL!! What is your wrestling name? Understand that my stupid ramblings were not an attack on you, I had no way of knowing they would reflect on you personally. My comments are strictly random jabber leaking almost involuntarily out of a mind previously subjected to years of self-abuse. That said, you seem to have some rage issues, perhaps arising from your own self-abuse. Who knows? Do certain physical enhancement products cause users to become more confrontational? I'm pleased that the gym time has been profitable for you because it seems to me that most who do go to such lengths to inflate their bodies do so for reasons I cannot grasp. This leads me to wonder if they (them, not you of course) feel they are lacking in some other areas and since biceps can be made larger while other things cannot.... I don't know just a thought. Please don't hit me with a folding chair. (Just kidding again, here have one of these, no not the red ones, the little green ones, there we go wash it down with some water, excellent, and 2 for the doctor...yeah)
I feel a little light headed... maybe you should drive...
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