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I think it's a false claim myself. Who is the source Ken? Until I have seen the documentation I say BS on the dead rats, but unfortunately you are 100% correct on the live rats being allowed. If it were againest the law to sell Rats (dead/frozen) in AB do you think that people would be doing it openly at public shows (ie:TARAS), NO, because all provincial statutes are upheld at these events. There are no laws againest "dead rats" unless they are extremely recent & have been kept secret. If your source of info is the petstores, they jump on board the "rumour train" every day. The "kids" at Petland tried to tell me months ago that all reptiles were "bannned" in B.C. based on a rumour that they had heard from a Hagen rep. We all know that there was not an all out ban on reptiles in B.C. (there was some BS, but not an outright ban) I think that it is more of a petstores excuse on why they don't have any. I bought $200 worth yesterday here at the Red Deer show & can probably line ya up with some in the future as it was the first of many deals with a new SK rat breeder. If I was smart I would have bought the whol;e freezer & "flogged" them all out to petstores here in Calagry today. Next time someone starts with the BS claims ask them for a documented source to back it up, as to the best of my knowledge one does not exist. Until govt. officials raid my freezer it will still have rats. Mark I.
P.S. just so ya all know, "big bro" has people that regularily "monitor" these forums to "snag" people who are "open" about their "illegal animals" etc. so don't say anything here that ya wouldn't want the whole world to know. Look at that big meet in the states that got raided. How much info did the authorities have from the internet, that was part of their investigation? Makes ya wonder? Conspiricacy freak, maybe? M.I.
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