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Who's face am I supposed to be saying these strange things to anyway? These oily musclemen? Or should I be boarding a plane to confront some internet tough guy? I'm puzzled man, really, help me out here.
Oh, I guess you didnít know, I am a professional wrestler. Clear now?
__________________ 2.2 Crotalus adamanteus. 2.2 Crotalus h. atricaudatus. 2.2 Crotalus h. horridus. 1.1 Agkistrodon p. piscivorus. 1.1 Agkistrodon c. contortrix. 1.1 Agkistrodon c. mokasen. 1.1 Agkistrodon c. laticinctus. 1.1 Agkistrodon c. pictigaster. Agkistrodon c. phaeogaster. 1.2 Sistrurus miliarius barbouri. 1.1 Micrurus fulvius. 0.0.1 Micrurus fulvius tenere

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