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Premier Ralph finishes victory speech upon winning another provincial election. He pledges to put all Albertans earning less than $60,000/yr into work camps and to make some "use" of the disabled. He stumbles away from the lecturn and into his waiting limo. "Drive, just drive.." is all he says to the driver. In the limo he downs a truly heroic amount of expensive scotch orally while linking himself to an IV bag full of grain alcohol. Then, once properly medicated, he orders the driver to pull over. The Premier tears the IV line from his arm, bursts from the limo and into a dark Edmonton alleyway. There, amongst the litter and broken glass and alley cats, the metamorphosis begins. The Premier falls to his ample belly and groans like a half-man, half-beast, scales form, limbs are absorbed, huge thirsty fangs and teeth erupt in his mouth. The transformation complete, Serpenklein disappears down the alley, it's time to eat!
I feel a little light headed... maybe you should drive...
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