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The show was great. My trip there and things that happened to me before and during the first dat were not too great. I almost didn't get up there and many other things happened the first day. Low and behold I do not have any pics to post as the day started with my works high end camera being stolen out of my truck infront of my house. Sorry, no member pics. The show itself was great. Walter did a great job as usual, and the bbq was a nice touch. It was nice to meet some of the people on the site. I met Invictus, Red Dragon (kind of), Jeff Favelle, David Kwok, Tim Cranwill and of course all the people through TARAS that I already knew.

Once again GREAT show WALTER and good luck growing the mohawk and 'stache back

Greg West

I didn't get any pics obviously, but if anyone else did I hope too see some pics
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