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Bad day for the zoo

Well I went to the zoo with my daughter mom and brother and we decided we'd catch the raptor show. Basically a lady comes out with the bird quite a distance away holds it and the guy who speaks to the crowd in the bleachers holds out his gloved hand with a dead mouse and calls it over and speaks about the animal. First was a turkey vulture he calls it it comes and then finds all the mice he strategically hid before the show then he'sshuffled off and we see a pigmy owl it was SOOOO cute!!! about the size of a sparrow. Then a barn owl swoops in it was so pretty flying its a shame they only come out at night. After they get the barn owl out he begins to tell us about the peregrine falcon how it and the other birds there were humanized and this particular bird was handed over because the owner thought it was a bad hunter. He calls the bird out and it circles him then takes off. He tells the crowd its pretty normal and that he'll be back he always is. So he starts talking while Im searching in the sky for it to come back. Next thing ya know some guy yells "Hey the orangutans have your bird!" At first I thought he was messin with him then the guy announces that they have killed the bird So quickly the guy incharge of the show announces that the show is ofcourse over. I went over to the now very crowded orangutan area and managed to squeeze in to see an orangutan walking along holding the poor bird by its wing as it flapped maddly trying to get lose. Eventually they got it to drop it but it couldn't fly, so they had to get the orangutans inside thier cages to get someone into the area to retieve the bird. Poor birdie!
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