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ive only been bitten a few times by fairly small animals, thank god!!!
a very little corn snake.... awww
an evil king snake! its possessed! i swear its nuts!! it dives out of its viv and jams its jaws onto your fingers!!
and a 2 foot king snake, pretty damn cute but he made me bleed aaaw!
a brazillian rainbow boa, scared the crap outta me!! it was more shock thank pain though! i bled gallons , and it bruised my finger went red, purple, then blue, then brown then yellow... and it hurt!! he got me pretty hard! right across two knuckes
ive also been bitten by beardies, a funny little jewelled/eyed lizard? a little fence lizard type thing, and sudan plated lizards, which pinch alot! the little blighter held on tight!!
i just have to wait till i go into "work" again, next week and i will probably have many more to add to the list.... eep!!
oh yes! i may be wierd... but this wierdo comes with new, improved Live Journal action!
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