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Originally posted by Emily-Fisher
<b>Boidkeeper</b>, I like snakes too but mom said that I am only allowed to own one snake and I could never get rid of my corn!
<b>Lisa</b>, I used to breed mice for my snake but they smell so much and so I switched over to rats. i bought them purposely so that they would breed and so I don't really have to "watch out" for the babies.
<b>herpetologist</b>, I would really prefer not to mention the price of that leopard gecko out in the open here.
Lol i said watch out for the mommies. the mommies tend to be a little nippy when they have kids. we wear leather gloves so we can reach in, let the rat bite the glove, push her on her back to show we're dominant then we fill the food bowl. It doesn't hurt the rat and it means that ones that we socialize (like our russian blue rats that go to pet stores as pets only, not food) can start getting socialized earlier. we hold them and pet them to get them used to humans so when the pet store gets them they don't have nippy pet rats.
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