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I've seen most of those movies. I'm a sucker for anything starring a reptile whether the movie sucks or not.
Silly as Anaconda is I own it and watch it every once in awhile.
I'd like to get Lake Placid...the effects weren't quite as silly nor the was the story as Anaconda.
I saw Sssss! when I was a kid,I loved it! Of course now it seems pretty silly.
That 70's movie about the weird guy who lives in the swamp with a bunch of snakes to which Burmer was referring to was called Stanley. Another silly snake movie ,but fun to watch never the less. It's about a guy who keeps a bunch of rattlesnakes and these poachers who invade his swamp to poach snakes for their skin. He then uses his vipers to wreak vengeance against the poachers.

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