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I get bit almost everyday. Some of the more interesting. Took a bite on my right hand in 2000 from a 17 foot Burmese Python. He swallowed my right hand from the side and tried to pull me in the cage. I had to wrestle him out so we could get my hand back. In 2002 a 15 foot Burmese Python got my left hand from the front. She swallowed it up to the wriest, then constricted around my legs. It turned into about a five minute ordeal. My life was never in danger, but it sucked wrestling my hand out of her mouth. Once I had the use of both hands, it was pretty easy to unwrap her. That one did a little nerve damage, my left hand tingled for about 3 months after. Also I have taken bites from a 5 foot Nile, a 3 foot Caiman, and a 4 foot Alligator, and a 12 foot anaconda. To this point, I have not been hit by a venomous snake and I am completely lost count of the bites I have taken from small snakes, geckos, and things of that nature.
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