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Exclamation My heart attack story

Ok here is my heart attack story for today

I am sitting here at the computer typing and holding my adult red albino. He starts crawling around on the desk. I figure no problem I will grab him underthe desk. I look up cuz see he was still in my hand. But he wasnt on the desk! He was crawling INTO MY COMPUTER. I about died! I couldnt pull him too hard for risk hurting him. I freaked. I about riped every cord off my computer(not a good thing considering how much I payed for it hehe) I ran into the livingroom looking for my computer tool kit! Why was it in the livingroom??? Because everything is in my livingroom! I finally find it and quickly remove the side access. NO SNAKE! I was in tears. I look into the hole and I still see him! I call my husband to see what he had to say. I figure out he is under the face panel of my computer and I am crying my eyes out my husband can barely understand me! I didnt know how to take the faceplate off I was shaking SOOO hard that i could barely controll my fingers! I fing ht eliul things to push and remove the faceplate. And there he was coiled around my burner and dvd players I sat ther in shock hoping he would move and started to pull him out. He looked like a dust bunny!!! LoL my husband procedes to lecture me on taking care of my snake. It was an accdent one that I will never allow to repeat again. So please dont lecture me. I just wanted to share this.

As i stare now at my computer STILL in pieces!

BTW how he got into my computer is like this. The edge of the computer was hanging off of my desk. And It has these two 1 inch vent holes or whatever they are. And let me tell ya! What goes up does not ALWAYS come down!

All is well he is in his cage. and my heartbeat is returning to normal! Wish my fingers would stop shaking it makes it hard to type. :bugged:
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