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Talking Back from Red Deer with new additions!

Well, I had planned to go to red deer and come back with ONE snake. LOL! Who the **** was I trying to kid?????

Here's what we walked away with:

1.0 Vietnamese Blue Beauty (Thanks Mark I!)
0.1 BCI (Nice big 2 year old feeding machine!)
0.1 Kenyan sand boa. This one is ELECTRIC, kinda like Uncle Roy's. Should make a nice breeder someday.

Pictures are on my digital cam, and I'll be plugging them in when I bring the cam back to work on Monday. The BCI and VBB are my fault. RedDragon was responsible for the Kenyan. The BCI is GORGEOUS. Very dark colors, nice tail, and low speckling.

This brings the count up to 17! Yay! I'm almost a collector!
- Ken LePage
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