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I don't think you can label a song here and a song there, that's just pushing being nitpicky. Someone once told me that NOFX sold out... that's just... lame. How can a band sell out if they don't change their ethics or beliefs, and don't even know when radios DO play their songs? ...

Oh wait, I forgot. They do want to be on the radio... They even SING about it.. 'Please play this song on the radio'... (It's got ooh's and ahh's in all the right places).

Someone mentioned the Vandals? Thumbs up. Propagandhi? Excellent. Sure we can go into who's a classic and who's not, but what's the point of comparing bands? To each their own, and no 2 bands are the same. Well... except maybe Blink 182 and Sum 41... and Good Charlotte... and The Ataris... and ......*drifts off*

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