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I know there are vet techs in here somewhere?!?

Hi, I'm trying to find info on vet schools but all I can find is one in Montreal that is offered in French (wish I could do it but don't know a hole lot of french), Guelph, and Saskatwan. Are there any other universities that offer a vet program a little closer to home, around Ottawa? I might look into the one in Guelph, this is for future reference. My husband just got a new job and if everything goes well in a couple years I want to go back to school and I thought why not go for something I love so I will enjoy myself.
Anyone that has done the training or is doing the training I would love to hear from you. I want to know what to expect, other than hard work! lol. And I want to know what I need to do to prepare myself. I can't really find anything on the net. Maybe I'm looking in all the wrong places. Thanks in advace.
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If I do go through with this I am thinking of specializing in reptiles or small exotics, since there are not many herp or exotic vets in my area.
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