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oh boy, that is a really hard question! I have lots of pets and they are all like family to me. If I really had to pick out of all of them I guess it would have to be my special needs cockatiel, Quasimodo. He was a rescue that came to me nearly dead. After many vet visits and great help of dr. Bock he is now a healthy happy bird that loves scratches and attention. He went from a bird that would sit in the corner of his cage sickly and scared, not knowing how to even perch to a bird that perches on the highest perch in his cage, climbs the bars with his mangled feet and gives kisses and loves getting them. He has been my insparation and I can't imagine life without this wonderful little guy.
You can't see his feet here but you can see his crooked beak.

Here he is climbing his latter after looking out the window.

He really gets around and doesn't seem to have any handicaps even though he walks on his ancles and cannot grasp with his feet because they are mangled.
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