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No "big oopses" recently, but last new years eve I was in such a hurry to get over to my friends place that I forgot to close the lid on my BPs cage... needless to say, he wasn't in the tank when I got home. The most nervewracking part (other than having him missing of course) was that my parents didn't even know that I had a snake in the house!! OIE! Talk about stress... lol... I kept having visions of them finding him in their bed, or stepping on him at night on the way to the bathroom, or something equally terrible... I tried putting a heat mat and water dish under my bed with no luck -- even had a mouse under there a couple of times... nothing. But after a week of searching, the torture was over -- one morning when I opened up the cabinet in the fish tank stand to feed them, there he was! Man, I was practically doing a joy dance, and I'm sure I had the biggest stupid grin on my face... lol...
Ever since then, I've been extremely paranoid about making sure that all lids are closed/locked Don't live with the parents anymore, but having a snake loose in the apartment doesn't appeal to me any more than having a snake loose in my parents house did... lol.

Anyways, congrats on finding your little king so fast And I'm sure you've learned your lesson about drinking and herping... hehe...

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