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Thanks for the input. It's not so much a pet store as a specialty reptile store. All of their animals are from breeders, and that is where I bought my snake. Plus, my snake didn't stay in a public tank. He was the tank that I keep him in at home, away from the merchandise.

I sent him to be boarded since none of my friends were in town who could take care of him. The house I was living in over the summer had to be emptied, and I couldn't leave any stuff (let alone a live animal) in there. Also, I was expecting him to shed, and wanted someone to be able to raise the humidity (which, even though the boarders didn't do, it was their responsibility to do that). Plus, he's just a baby and needs to eat. Three weeks without food is a bit much for me to be comfortable with. Even more, there's a lot of things that can happen to a snake left alone--like, he could pull down his digital thermometer and get hurt on the sticky side.

I'm not sure what you do with YOUR animals...I think it's fine to leave snakes alone for a week or so, but IMO, three weeks is too long, especially if you are expecting a shed or if the snake is young and growing.
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