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I have the dvd of Strangeland it was the only copy at Best Buy. I HAD to buy it. I know down here in the states they have them at blockbuster. The first time i watched strangeland my mom was home and she decied to watch it with me. So the whole way through the movie i had to explain all the piercings, modifications, and suspension to her. She sat there and cringed the whole time. I will never forget one of the begining scenes when he took the 2 girls and they found Geniveves(sp) friend in the trunk. When they showed the ring they found i blurted out what size it was then they said it. My mom was in shock that i knew the answer. I think it was a 00 gauge if my memory serves me correct.

I was eagerly waiting for Rob Zombies house of a 1000 corpses but was entirely let down when i seen it. Nothing at all like i was expecting excpecally from Rob Zombie.
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