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Some change is good but listen to RTL and then St anger its no where near the same there werent any solo's!!!! the band that is known for amazing solo's had no solo's in there latest album! that was scarey St anger Was ok but not much more then that. The riffs sound like Korn riffs it was stretched out on pro tools till it pissed me off. but The lyrics were still very metalica like but in a different musical style
As for ozzy all his solo albums were just like repeats of old black sabbath albums. so metalica and ozzy are basicly the extremes of change and staying the same. The music should change a bit since the band changes over time but Try to keep some of the same sound at least it seemed to me that metalica changed to fit in with the new music comming out but if the change is because they changed it cool but it seems like it was too much of a coinsadence (sp? it late and i cant spell anyways) to me
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