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well yeah propagandhi have some talent.. they have some metal influence and i agree there are punk bands that have talent.. look at afi.. im a huge fan.. they do have talent.. and i know they could branch out so much more but it seems like they just hold back.. if you've seen beyond the scene footage of their make of sing the sorrow.. jade just rockin' out on the side.. he's good.. .. but yeah.. lots of punk bands aren't about talent and the same riff over and over is boring.. but sometimes they do have some catchy ones that arent i found the misfits pretty catchy and i didnt get bored of their repeatative riffs.. older misfits.. when danzig wrote the songs.. and what not.. plus other punk bands.. but i know what you're getting at bryce.. ok.. i ramble too much.. i should stop :| don't read this.. DONT READ THIS!
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