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Out of MY animals I'd have to say I favor my female red tail hawk. Reason being is because when I found her she was in terrible condition, her wing was mauled and she was very sickly. I brought her home, had the wing removed and the plan was to give her up to a rehab after a few weeks, but during the first few weeks I cared for her I got attached and figured Id see about becoming a Falconer and after a short time, I did just that and I still own her to this day, as well as a male.
And being only a one winged wonder she is avidly taken out and she is promoted to hunt right along with everyone else's bird-Even if she always comes out empty handed on the hunt, it doesn't phase her one bit. She is always fed live at feeding time and boy can she run.. Best of the best she is. Hers a pic of her, the only one scanned.. I also favor all of my mother's big cats.

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