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nobody here claimed that they are punk rock. I dont mind them. sometimes they try too much to be popular. i like thier first album. I would call them pop punk.
I can understand why people who listened to the ramones and such classic punk would complain that GC and some other bands arent punk, but in defence, music does change. You cant say some modern rock bands arent rock cuase they dont sound anything like elton john, or Queen or something. It just changed and branched out. Just look at hip hop or RnB..If you compare Run DMC to someone like 50 Cent or Ludacris, they have a totally different sound. Its all still hip hop right..
I just call the music i like Punk cause its the easiest way to describe it. I listen to bands like Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Finch, Northstar, The Starting Line, stuff like that. I dont claim that they are like the Ramones, and i dont care if they are, i listen to what i like
im not attacking anyone here, just sharing my veiws, as others have.
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