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Aside from the obvious evil of killing these snakes for no good Goddam reason at all, it's a clue to a deeper essential evil inherent in these Brainwashing & Indoctrination retreats cloaked with the title "Team Building". The word team as it relates to the corporate workplace should raise some questions. Without quoting too much Karl Marx I think it is important to see that most "teams" consist of a collection of frontline underlings that actually get the job done (the players) and their supervisors (the coaches). The difficulty with this sports analogy is that it assumes that the players and coaches are on the same side, in reality their interests are opposing. The simplest illustration of that is a supervisor's perpetual quest to get the most work done for the least money. The workers show up to make a living and therefore are interested in getting the most money for the least amount of work. They are therefore not on the same side and not on the same team. The team the coaches are after personlizes the goals of the coach at the expense of their own and the other players. Bottom line, being on the team means cooperating your way out of a job. If you play on the coaches team you play against your own and winning for them can be translated to mean that many players will become obsolete, afterall their goal is to get more done for less. Ok enough ranting for now, sorry, I hate corporate BS, particularily when it kills snakes as well as jobs.
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