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C'mon... They're hip hop guys tryin to be punks. Unfortunately, they are way too cought up thinking punk is "just being yourself" and not caring what otehrs think... Well... Sorta... But thats not the half of it. You want some punk rawk, kiddies? Sex pistols. Sid and Jonny are probably the among the first "real" punk rockers. Ramones, they started the punk movement! Black Flag, oh my... These guys are brilliant! Clash: enough said. Operation Ivy: Angry ska-punk that was so underground, it was almost mainstream. Misfits (early stuff, before the breakup/reunion) were hard, fast, and everything punkgoth music should be.

And for the good punk rawk today, try Black Halos, Dropkick Murpheys (they gots the idea), and some Vandals.

Notice how none of these bands are very big on big crazy mohawks or liberty spikes, or pocket chains galore, pyramid studded objects, and facial piercings. This does not make punk rock.

Now, if I can turn you to an even better genre; Psychobilly. DL some nekromantix, mad sin, tiger army, death valley surfers, astro zombies, batmobile,go cats go, etc. or Great fun, psychobilly...
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