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Its very sad... and incredibly ignorant. Some reptiles make wonderful pets. They are suitable for those poeple that may not have the time or space to dedicate to a dog or cat, and enable people that cannot keep any warm and fuzzy pets due to allergies to finally be able to have a pet they can interact with (fish just don't seem to cut it for most ). The SPCA really needs to change their name, for the most part they couldn't give a care about the other types of pets out there, they really only care about the "cute, warm and fuzzy" animals. It's very sad, and just goes to show why education is so important! They do not have a single good reason for wanting to ban these animals as pets, every reason they throw out is insignificant if you turn it back to warm and fuzzy cases. "People let their reptiles loose, or they escape"... ok folks... how many loose reptiles do you see versus the amount of stray cats and dogs that get in to peoples garbages and cars and stuff? "People often neglect these type of pets"... hmmm.... again... I think the warm and fuzzy cases of this is outnumbered again. "They are dangerous"... lmao... how many escaped pythons attack innocent people??? <B>0</B>, and how about serious accidents? Not many... look how many cases of dog or cat attacks you get every year though They make such feeble arguements, I don't even know how it can come to be
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