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I really hope to make it down there. I have been planning to come for a long time. The other day I went to pick up my girlfriend from forestry camp to bring her back for a funeral. The road into the camp was in really bad shape and it had started to rain. I made it there but on the way out...A moose came out of the woods right in front of us and I had to stop. It was so muddy that I just slid into the ditch. After 20 minutes of trying we gave up and decided to call for help. Well the cell had no service so we walked around in the mud for a while but to no avail. We went back and I tried again and somehow managed to get back on the road. It took a long time to get anywhere on that road because my much-too-bald tires were caked with clay/mud. I managed to get back to Edmonton but the car may be damaged. It won't go over 80 without shaking violently. I'm hoping it's just mud that is throwing the wheels off balance but....

If I can work it out, I'll try to make it down for the show. I hope to see you all there.
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