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A couple of people have commented on my avatar and not knowing were that clown is from so i will give a little background of IT.

IT is a book and movie by all time greatest horror writer Stephen King. I am a Stephen King nut (passed down with my father lol). IT can take several forms into anything that he desires to mess with your mind. The forms IT uses the most would be Pennywise the clown (played be Tim Curry also starred in Rocky Horror Picture Show). IT lures childern away and kills them from a small town (forgot the name) every so many years (forgot how many years) I'm just going to give the basis of IT cause i don't want to ruin the movie if people haven't seen IT. If you enjoy scary movies this one is a all time classic and a must see. Along with some other great scary or suspense movies Silence of the Lambs, Red Dragon, The Shinning, and Dee Sniders Strangeland (which i'm not allowed to watch Strangeland when my boyfriend is home cause it creeps him out way too much). Strangeland is defenitly a must see. All kinds of body modification and suspensions in there. Plus how many times are you going to see Freddy Krueger being tortured and suspended With his mouth and eyes sewn shut. LOL I know i'm warped. Scary movies are the best!!!

I know his image in that pic is very creepy but everytime i see it i laugh cause it reminds me of parts of the movies.
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