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Hybrids still burn gas, so not very environmental.

As bryce said diesels are not for everyone. If you drive 5 miles to work and back it's not a good thing to get a diesel. Now if your driving 25 miles each way to get to work, then it is a good idea, because the engine can get hot enough to not carbon up. It's all in the application. Regardless of use diesels will get carbon deposits, the the nature of the beast.

Lisa it depends. Are you going to relocate every time you get a new job? are you going to turn down a job that pays allot more, but you have to drive 15-20 miles each way? Some need to drive to survive. Yes we could ann go back to caveman days where we could hunt and gather food that is local to our cave. But if you don't want to go back to it, the driving is a necessity.
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