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WOAH!! I didnt think I would get THAT many replies!!! I went to check n I just about pit my shants! lol...thanx every1 for ur awesome stories n grrreat advice!! I REALLY appreciate it! So far, I really like high school! I'm surprised..many things just come so easy to me...ESPECIALLY algebra...and I hate math!! But i did take advanced math for 2 1/2 also surprises me!! Well...I dont kno y we start so early...oh wait yeah I do!! Its because we are Grand Haven and GH Public Schools like making their students miserable! LOL! Well...thanx again every1...n good luck 2 the few just starting high I have read...we all have very different opinions about it..and mine is that i think its grrreeaatt!!!!! I love it....and I've met new people...its great! Well...again THANK YOU!!!! I love all yal! I will see you l8r g8rs! Good Luck with ur herps...n god bless! ADIOS!
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