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The missing show pic

<b>The missing show pic</b>

<img src="">


Guess what....think im that easy eh? Well guess again
When i come home tonight there will be a couple back pocket trick shots that i didnt post yet . That includes you BeeJay, and Jordan.......and yes Jordan i know it was you that made the pic...i have the chat logs

[1:04am] Beejay I dare you to post that
[1:04am] _Jordan lol
[1:04am] _Jordan NO
[1:05am] _Jordan i dare you!
[1:05am] Beejay LOL
[1:05am] Beejay okay
[1:05am] _Jordan i just made a better one

Being the Chat master has its privleges. Or as Matt stated:

[1:11am]@ Matt- Jordan, honestly, its pointless to try and make fun of Shane with pics
[1:11am]@ Matt- he has the ability to alter yours :P
[1:12am]@ Matt- and remove them if he wants

So Let the games begin! your will need her when im done with you!
BeeJay, the pics you didnt want me to post are coming out...the boys should like these ones!

blah blah blah
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