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but diesel is cheap and there's a reason for that. It is not really good for the environment.
I think you need to recheck your information. Diesel Is Way cleaner than any fuel that it in mass use. Other than alchohol. That is why there are no emmision tests for diesel cars, cuz there isn't any harmful emmisions from it.

If you loked yourself in a garages with a gas car with the engine running , you would probably be dead within an hour. If you did the same with a diesel car, it would parobably take 3 weeks.

Diesel is many times safer than gas. You also get lower insurance rates too. You could take a lit match and throw in into a bucket of diesel fuel and it will NOT ignite. Trust me I teach diesel mauntenace classes and do this for my students in each class. Try that with gas. Just let me get a few miles away before you do this.

In emmision concious states , in the US gas lawncare equipment in highly regulated. Diesel is non regulated.

The reason people don't buy a diesel, is they are not race car fast, they are a little noiseyer, fuel is not as convenient, and of course the biggest one is the General Motors diesel disaster for Oldsmobile. gave everyone the idea that diesels were unreliable.

Diesels are the cleanest burning internal combustion engines on the market. Not sure how clean the natural gas cars are.

The pollutants i thing your talking about, is the black smoke you see from the big trucks and equipment.... Well Guess what, that black smoke is all CARBON, which is a natural substance, and also the base substance of all humans. We are rfered to as Carbon based life forms.

So if you can tell me how diesel fuel is bad for the environment, Id really like to see it.
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