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Has noone ever heard of that early 70's movie: SSSSS now I can't rember how many S's in the title but it's just call SSSSS. It's about a Scientist and his daughter who keeps everything from Burmese pythons to Retics, to Cobras. They actually use real animals, they didn't have CGI back then. It's supposed to be horror but comes off as kinda funny, seeing all the snakes is pretty cool. Anyway they meet up with an eager young man who wants to work with the scientist and somehow they agree he'll be his guinea pig for experimenting. So he starts injecting the man with some concoction to turn him into I kid you not, an Egyptian Cobra. Eventually slowly by slowly he does...don't want to give away the ending but a very strange movie, you also get educated a little and get to see some pretty cool snakes! Even has a black mamba and Boa Constrictors that are just let loose and have the run of the house, because the scientist and daughter love the snakes, even more then people! If you see it worth checking out at least once. But for some reason the one big Cobra they have in the movie quietly growls?! lol

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