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Inv., that's brilliant! I love the casting choices...I wonder what Swayze is up to these days? Didn't you say you had a DV camera? If we can finalize a script I'm sure we could get an arts grant from the federal government. Oh, and we should try to get Denzel Washington to play a cop who has been taken off the Albertan Man Eating Boa case but persues it on his own anyway, with dangerous and sexy results. At the end of the movie it should be revealed that in fact it wasn't a snake after all but actually Ralph Klien, too drunk to get off his belly but still managing to slither about the province devouring the homeless, puking and shouting racist slogans. After Denzel reveals the truth a 20 minute wire fighting scene where Keanu and Swayze battle Klien and eventually overcome him and rid the province and the world of this menace. Ernie Eves could be featured in the sequel.
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