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From a bellydancer's point of view...

Dancing with a snake is one thing-if you are a really good bellydancer, AND if you know your snake well, you won't have a problem dancing with your snake.

However, smoke around your snake-in bars, or whatever-is NOT a good idea. Having people you are performing for mess with your snake-NOT a good idea. Keep the snake far away from the audience-not everyone likes snakes, either.

Some snakes get more stressed out than others. A dancer who wishes to dance with her pet needs to make sure that not only is it well taken care of and healthy, but also to recognize stress-signs before it is too late. Also make sure the snake you wish to dance with isn't too big for you to handle on your own-or is one of those majorly easily stressed out snakes, such as scrub pythons, ball pythons, etc. (and don't even <i>think</i> about using a venemous snake)

Unfortunately, I'm one of the few people who takes her snakes welfare into consideration in this case (but I also do not perform on stage/bars, still learning-and I'm allergic to cig. smoke.)

There was a recent drop-off at a pet store neaby of a boa which had belonged to a dancer, and it had massive RI and mouth problems, not to mention LOADS of stuck sheds. Disgusting. Apparantly she was angry at it or something like that. Stupidity at its best.

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