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Ahh- meet my ladies:

~2 yr old female ball python about 4 ft- beautiful and o-so sweet!

~1 yr 4 month female Colombian boa, great red colors on her tail, about 3 ½ feet long- very strong, but gentle. (look at my avatar)

~ 1 ½ year female hogg isle who is about 3 ½ feet long- she’s always laying out and moving around to see what’s happening.

~ 1 year old female burm with great light colors who wouldn’t eat for the first several months when we first got her as a wee baby, but now eats like a champ and is growing like a weed! She’s a little over 4 feet and is the most docile of them all. If it make any sense, if this snake had hair- she’d be blond!

Everyone eats f/t rats, but the ball has been a bit finicky lately- but then again, she is a ball. I can supply more info if anyone is interested. Go to my photo gallery and you can see picks of everyone. I have some new ones that I need to scan into my comp.

BTW- I would be offering tanks/setups with the snakes.
I just found homes for my 4 snake ladies: ball python, colombian boa, hogg isle boa, and a burmese. *sniff* How I miss them so...

How do I set my laser printer to 'stun'?
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