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The Worst Snake Movie of All-time

A lot of people have seen the movie "Anaconda" where an impossibly big snake cruises around eating people in South America until Ice Cube an JLo get there and straighten it out. The only thing less realistic than the snake in this movie is the scene where Jon Voight wins a fight with Ice Cube. I mean COME ON!! Cube would punk that old man down! Unfortunately this isn't the worst snake movie I've seen. There's one out there called "PYTHON" with Robert Englund (aka Freddy Kruegger). This one is so bad it rivals Footloose, but there aren't any Kevin Bacon movies with snakes in them, that I know of anyway, so that isn't fair to compare them. If anyone knows of any other really awful ones I'd love to hear about them, I like to watch movies that are so bad that it's funny. Also if anyone has seen any good snake movies I would like to hear about those too because as far as I know they are all bad.
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