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Ballkingdom, you haven't heard one word anyone in this post has said to you, have you?

Marisa, I have tried to get all of my BP's on F/T at one point. Almost half of them have converted, and for the others, I'm not going to starve for months (yes, months, not "three weeks" like Ballkingdom said) when they are perfectly happy eating live. I don't know about you guys, but when I find something that works with regards to my BP's eating, I'm sticking with it. They don't eat for a good enough portion of the year, I'm not going to deprive them of food when they'll eat it. Like I said, I am on the fence with this topic, since I feed both live and F/T, but since BK is being so.......... you know, I took offense and decided to defend myself for the 50% of my snakes that eat live. I would not recommend to anyone feeding their snakes live, because frankly, not many people would go through the preventative measures that I take to ensure the SAFETY of my live-eating balls. I understand that most people have their balls eating F/T, but when you have over 15 balls, you're not always going to bat 1000.
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