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She put the Boa’s head in her mouth…

My doter went to her friends birthday, knowing my doter likes reptiles her friends mother invited a guest who dos reptiles shows, the girl doing the show asked if Laurie (my doter) who’d like to have the Boa around her neck, my doter said no thank you! but this snake is to big to put around my neck, so she puts the snake around an other kids neck, the snake started to tighten its coils choking the 6 year old boy creating a panic, then when everything was back to normal, to show how inoffensive this snake was she putt his head in her mouth, then she asked Laurie if she tot the snake was dangerous, probably to calm down the kids? Laurie said I don’t think it’s dangerous for an adult, but I know we must wash our hands after manipulating any reptiles; did you bring your tooth brush?
The girl was offended and verbally insulted my 6 year old doter. I called her to ask what the deal was, she invited me to have a talk and show me how safe her snake was!

Before I entered her apartment I said all I want to know is why you insulted my doter when you where at fault, she told me that this snake was 100% safe because she was dancing whit it in a club 6 days a week and he never bite anyone, also she has lots of experience because that’s her forth snake the others died because the hotels temperature wasn’t right when working outside the province, then she shows me the snake! It was full of mites and hade mouth rot and bubbly nose, his water dish was filthy.
I literally EXPLODED inside and left without a word.
Herpetoculture isn’t an exact science!!
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