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Oh boy... Don't you just love threats?!
The term threat implies hollow or without backing, I never make threats.
I personally wouldn't mock these people, but would gladly engage them in (hopefully) intelligent debate, and entertain them for as long as they liked with a summary of my views on why their practices are 'wrong' and why I don't agree with their literal interpretation of the bible.
And most would be glad to talk to you in those terms. I debate this with them all the time!
Of course they won't hit you! They'll throw deadly snakes at you.
No, best believe they would hit you. They take good care of their serpents.
They're sure to kill themselves off and as long as you keep your distance
Actually very few die. Punkin died in 1998, he was the last one I heard of. Brother Willie in WV has been bitten over 150 times and he is still preaching.
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