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Bryce is right My Jetta TDi gets 49 and sometimes if i really baby it a little better. Its stick, and virtually maintenace free. No spark plugs, no wires, no basic tune up parts your conventional car has. So its a touch louder than a gas car. The amount of money I save in fuel and maintenance pretty much paid for the car. Hybrids are cool but as stated you can't go just anywhere to get them fixed. Also helps I do all my own work anyway. I easily get 500 miles out of 12 gallons of fuel, sometime if its pure highway i gan get almost 600 on a tank, I rarely push it that far though.

Plus as I said before , with it being diesel they WON'T raise the fuel costs, other wise the truckers will strike. Thake the bull by the horns and stop putting money in their pockets. If it really bothers you, do something to hurt the gas companies. Yes they still produce the diesel, but the profit margin isn't as large as gas.
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