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I am seriously saying if one were stupid enough to go to Sand Mountain and mock these people, there would be repercussions. Fact is, if they let you pass, I would stomp your ***.
Oh boy... Don't you just love threats?!
'Mocking' is different to saying one doesn't agree with someone's beliefs or actions.

I personally wouldn't mock these people, but would gladly engage them in (hopefully) intelligent debate, and entertain them for as long as they liked with a summary of my views on why their practices are 'wrong' and why I don't agree with their literal interpretation of the bible.

But not if my personal well-being were in danger - I'm not that stupid

Frankly this 'fundamentalist' mentality scares the cr@p out of me. I will watch the rest of this post with interest, until someone pulls the plug on it!

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