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A volkswagon golf gets 49 mpg with a manual transmision. and the price is quite a bit lower. the car is also much simpler and nearly any mechanic can fix it. now if you want to get your hybrid fixed you will need to go to a factory certed mechanic for the model you choose. then you have the expense of replacing Nimh batterys in the next few years. They dont hold memory but they get worse and worse after every run in your car. not to mention the more complicated computer system that will more then likely bite the dust since hybrids have not been on the market long. they have quite a few bugs that need to be worked out over time. the price is still lower on a regular car when its all added up as of now. the system is a fairly good idea it has been proven in many other applications as in trains and mining dump trucks give it time and it will do well but right now its not worth it if you want to be easyier on the inviroment and save gas car pool when ever you can I realize it doesnt work for some people but for those who it does its the best option
"Far more crime and child abuse has been committed by zealots in the name of God, Jesus and Mohammed than has ever been committed in the name of Satan. Many people don't like that statement, but few can argue with it."
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