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1. Is this the loving, understanding, 'turn the other cheek' Christianity that I thought I was familiar with?
The bible tells you to come as you are, so we would welcome in a homosexual who is seeking Christ and willing to turn from that sin. We would certainly not welcome in a practicing homosexual who wishes to continue that life style. In the old testament God told his chosen people to kill them, in the new testament Paul tells us to separate ourselves from them and calls them an abomination.

Drewlowe, I didnít call you a spineless piece of crap, I said you and these other Ö but I do hold that opinion of anyone who would call people names on the net but not to their face. And I frankly do not believe any of you would go to Sand Mountain and call any of them Inbreed or nut case. You may say something like, I donít agree with you, but hell I tell them that all the time. Years of that kind of work makes MEN. Real men. These good old boys will smack a knot on your head quick.
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