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Pia, glad you asked that question. What I mean by restraining my prey is basically taking a rat, and holding it by the scruff of the neck, so that all the appendages stop moving (to mimic a mother carrying it) I replace my fingers with a pair of 16' locking hemostats. I do not give a gentle, loving grip, to the contrary, I grab as much neck skin as I can, ususally enough to not allow the rat to move his head. I lock the hemostats and place the rat in the enclosure, laying him on his side, and twist the hemostats so that any bit of fur that was loose is now tight. If done correctly, the rat is immobile. When my snake attacks and constricts it, I make sure he/she has a good grip, and remove the hemostat by sliding it out from between the rat and the snake. Voila!! No no rat bites, snakes are fed, no scratches, scarring, etc....All is good.
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