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Chuck As for my spelling, don't care point out all my mistakes it doesn't bother me in the slightest not everyone on this site spells every single word they write in every single post correctly. You really want to point out my mistakes then write about my grammar. I even think i spelled that wrong. I have the worst grammar ever!!!!

i said something like these people look all messed up kinda like inbreed people. Mabey not everyone that does this looks like that. It was in reference to the people i saw on the show. Maybe i'm partialy close minded but there is noway that anybody would willinly get me to walk into a place that does something like that. I personaly would not risk my life.

The place you discribed is different from what i had seen on tv. You said they have an area for the snake handling to be done the place they showed did not they were dancing all around the place and even passing snakes around the whole chruch. Another thing you said was that nobody under 18 can hold a snake well this place had children doing it even holding it to the childrens faces. You also said that the place you have gone to doesn't cool down the snakes. This place all the snakes were completly limp they appeared to me cooled down. (makes me wish i had taped it now). Maybe they just showed the worst of all of them and it cast a bad light on snake handling in the way they did it (for me). I was in a state of disbelief the whole time i was watching the show.
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