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Corr i Know not all Christians are like this and not all churches belive in handling snakes. I myself have been to several different churches with different religions. I was not trying to sterotype anyone or anything. I commented on a show i seen last night. Maybe this is just the worst snakehandling church out there. I have heard of this before but that was the first time i had seen it. The point of the thread wasn't to bad mouth churches or even tring to sterotype them i didn't know how this was possible as all the snakes were limp they were passing them around and dancing with them on top of that drinking 100% strichnine. With children involved also. That is taking it a little too far in my eyes.

Rach and bruce HaHa you don't like my clown. For those that don't know who he is... It's Pennywise from Stephen Kings (book and movie) IT. Great book and movie!!!! One of my favorites. Pennywise takes many forms but the clown is the one most commonly used because it lures children in closer HAHAHAHA....
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