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HELP i found a bug

ok here's the details i recently brought in walking stick bugs that's the only thing that has change in our environment, they came here about 2 days ago, i go into my tank with the sunglow corn, and suprise there is a beige little bug , on the hide...tank ect is in the bathroom accessories are soaking in bleach and i'm going to systematicaly clean and bleach each tank eaven though i cannot find any bugs in the other tanks the tank i found the bug in is the only tank i use repti bark in could that be a factor as well? the other tanks i have aspen ... i am also going to give all of them a bath in nix as well but i have 2 juvenials can i use nix on them gd i'm sooo pissed at my self...i'm very clean and kepp the tanks that way as well i don't know what happened btw i got rid of the stck bugs just in case...any info or advice is greatly apperciated ty all.
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